By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 65

outer crust's Jurassic age. I have to
take his word for it--and I guess you will, unless you know more of
such matters than I.

As we came in sight of the warriors the men set up a great jabbering.
Their eyes were wide in astonishment--not only, I presume, because of my
strange garmenture, but as well from the fact that I came in company
with a jalok, which is the Pellucidarian name of the hyaenodon.

Raja tugged at his leash, growling and showing his long white fangs.
He would have liked nothing better than to be at the throats of the
whole aggregation; but I held him in with the leash, though it took all
my strength to do it. My free hand I held above my head, palm out, in
token of the peacefulness of my mission.

In the foreground I saw the youth who had discovered us, and I could
tell from the way he carried himself that he was quite overcome by his
own importance. The warriors about him were all fine looking fellows,
though shorter and squatter than the Sarians or the Amozites. Their
color, too, was a bit lighter, owing, no doubt, to the fact that much
of their lives is spent within the shadow of the world that hangs
forever above their country.

A little in advance of the others was a bearded fellow tricked out in
many ornaments. I didn't need to ask to know that he was the
chieftain--doubtless Goork, father of Kolk. Now to him I addressed

"I am David," I said, "Emperor of the Federated Kingdoms of Pellucidar.
Doubtless you have heard of me?"

He nodded his head affirmatively.

"I come from Sari," I continued, "where I just met Kolk, the son of
Goork. I bear a token from Kolk to his father, which will prove that I
am a friend."

Again the warrior nodded. "I am Goork," he said. "Where is the token?"

"Here," I replied, and fished into the game-bag where I had placed it.

Goork and his people waited in silence. My hand searched the inside of
the bag.

It was empty!

The token had been stolen with my arms!



When Goork and his people saw that I had no token they commenced to
taunt me.

"You do not come from Kolk, but from the Sly One!" they cried. "He has
sent you from the island to spy upon us. Go away, or we will set upon
you and kill you."

I explained that all my belongings had been stolen from me, and

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