By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 35

lay upon the same water then the shore-line must bend far back
toward the southwest of Greenwich--an assumption which, by the way, we
found later to be true. Also, Sari was upon a lofty plateau at the
southern end of a mighty gulf of the Great Ocean.

The location which Ja gave to distant Amoz puzzled us, for it placed it
due north of Greenwich, apparently in mid-ocean. As Ja had never been
so far and knew only of Amoz through hearsay, we thought that he must
be mistaken; but he was not. Amoz lies directly north of Greenwich
across the mouth of the same gulf as that upon which Sari is.

The sense of direction and location of these primitive Pellucidarians
is little short of uncanny, as I have had occasion to remark in the
past. You may take one of them to the uttermost ends of his world, to
places of which he has never even heard, yet without sun or moon or
stars to guide him, without map or compass, he will travel straight for
home in the shortest direction.

Mountains, rivers, and seas may have to be gone around, but never once
does his sense of direction fail him--the homing instinct is supreme.

In the same remarkable way they never forget the location of any place
to which they have ever been, and know that of many of which they have
only heard from others who have visited them.

In short, each Pellucidarian is a walking geography of his own district
and of much of the country contiguous thereto. It always proved of the
greatest aid to Perry and me; nevertheless we were anxious to enlarge
our map, for we at least were not endowed with the homing instinct.

After several long councils it was decided that, in order to expedite
matters, Perry should return to the prospector with a strong party of
Mezops and fetch the freight I had brought from the outer world. Ja
and his warriors were much impressed by our firearms, and were also
anxious to build boats with sails.

As we had arms at the prospector and also books on boat-building we
thought that it might prove an excellent idea to start these naturally
maritime people upon the construction of a well built navy of staunch
sailing-vessels. I was sure that with definite plans to go by Perry
could oversee the construction of an adequate flotilla.

I warned him, however, not to be too ambitious, and to forget about
dreadnoughts and armored cruisers for a while and build instead

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