By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 34

Ja. As his eyes fell upon me his face lighted with pleasure.
He came quickly forward to greet me after the manner of his tribe.

Toward Perry he was equally hospitable. The old man fell in love with
the savage giant as completely as had I. Ja conducted us along the
maze-like trail to his strange village, where he gave over one of the
tree-houses for our exclusive use.

Perry was much interested in the unique habitation, which resembled
nothing so much as a huge wasp's nest built around the bole of a tree
well above the ground.

After we had eaten and rested Ja came to see us with a number of his
head men. They listened attentively to my story, which included a
narrative of the events leading to the formation of the federated
kingdoms, the battle with the Mahars, my journey to the outer world,
and my return to Pellucidar and search for Sari and my mate.

Ja told me that the Mezops had heard something of the federation and
had been much interested in it. He had even gone so far as to send a
party of warriors toward Sari to investigate the reports, and to
arrange for the entrance of Anoroc into the empire in case it appeared
that there was any truth in the rumors that one of the aims of the
federation was the overthrow of the Mahars.

The delegation had met with a party of Sagoths. As there had been a
truce between the Mahars and the Mezops for many generations, they
camped with these warriors of the reptiles, from whom they learned that
the federation had gone to pieces. So the party returned to Anoroc.

When I showed Ja our map and explained its purpose to him, he was much
interested. The location of Anoroc, the Mountains of the Clouds, the
river, and the strip of seacoast were all familiar to him.

He quickly indicated the position of the inland sea and close beside
it, the city of Phutra, where one of the powerful Mahar nations had its
seat. He likewise showed us where Sari should be and carried his own
coast-line as far north and south as it was known to him.

His additions to the map convinced us that Greenwich lay upon the verge
of this same sea, and that it might be reached by water more easily
than by the arduous crossing of the mountains or the dangerous approach
through Phutra, which lay almost directly in line between Anoroc and
Greenwich to the northwest.

If Sari

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