By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 132

the Lidi Plains north
of Thuria. Here we overcame the Mahar city that had ravaged the Land
of Awful Shadow for so many ages. When we marched on to Thuria, Goork
and his people went mad with joy at the tidings we brought them.

During this long march of conquest we had passed through seven
countries, peopled by primitive human tribes who had not yet heard of
the federation, and succeeded in joining them all to the empire. It
was noticeable that each of these peoples had a Mahar city situated
near by, which had drawn upon them for slaves and human food for so
many ages that not even in legend had the population any folk-tale
which did not in some degree reflect an inherent terror of the

In each of these countries I left an officer and warriors to train them
in military discipline, and prepare them to receive the arms that I
intended furnishing them as rapidly as Perry's arsenal could turn them
out, for we felt that it would be a long, long time before we should
see the last of the Mahars. That they had flown north but temporarily
until we should be gone with our great army and terrifying guns I was
positive, and equally sure was I that they would presently return.

The task of ridding Pellucidar of these hideous creatures is one which
in all probability will never be entirely completed, for their great
cities must abound by the hundreds and thousands in the far-distant
lands that no subject of the empire has ever laid eyes upon.

But within the present boundaries of my domain there are now none left
that I know of, for I am sure we should have heard indirectly of any
great Mahar city that had escaped us, although of course the imperial
army has by no means covered the vast area which I now rule.

After leaving Thuria we returned to Sari, where the seat of government
is located. Here, upon a vast, fertile plateau, overlooking the great
gulf that runs into the continent from the Lural Az, we are building
the great city of Sari. Here we are erecting mills and factories.
Here we are teaching men and women the rudiments of agriculture. Here
Perry has built the first printing-press, and a dozen young Sarians are
teaching their fellows to read and write the language of Pellucidar.

We have just laws and only a few of them. Our people are happy because
they are always working at something which they enjoy.

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