By Edgar Rice Burroughs

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at sight of
the smoke and the iron balls I landed a couple of hundred red warriors
and led them to the opposite end of the hill into the tunnel that ran
to its summit. Here we met a little resistance; but a volley from the
muzzle-loaders turned back those who disputed our right of way, and
presently we gained the mesa. Here again we met resistance, but at
last the remnant of Hooja's horde surrendered.

Juag was with me, and I lost no time in returning to him and his tribe
the hilltop that had been their ancestral home for ages until they were
robbed of it by Hooja. I created a kingdom of the island, making Juag
king there. Before we sailed I went to Gr-gr-gr, chief of the
beast-men, taking Juag with me. There the three of us arranged a code
of laws that would permit the brute-folk and the human beings of the
island to live in peace and harmony. Gr-gr-gr sent his son with me
back to Sari, capital of my empire, that he might learn the ways of the
human beings. I have hopes of turning this race into the greatest
agriculturists of Pellucidar. When I returned to the fleet I found
that one of the islanders of Juag's tribe, who had been absent when we
arrived, had just returned from the mainland with the news that a great
army was encamped in the Land of Awful Shadow, and that they were
threatening Thuria. I lost no time in weighing anchors and setting out
for the continent, which we reached after a short and easy voyage.

From the deck of the Amoz I scanned the shore through the glasses that
Perry had brought with him. When we were close enough for the glasses
to be of value I saw that there was indeed a vast concourse of warriors
entirely encircling the walled-village of Goork, chief of the Thurians.
As we approached smaller objects became distinguishable. It was then
that I discovered numerous flags and pennants floating above the army
of the besiegers.

I called Perry and passed the glasses to him.

"Ghak of Sari," I said.

Perry looked through the lenses of a moment, and then turned to me with
a smile.

"The red, white, and blue of the empire," he said. "It is indeed your
majesty's army."

It soon became apparent that we had been sighted by those on shore, for
a great multitude of warriors had congregated along the beach watching
us. We came to anchor

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