Out of Time's Abyss

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 84

the following changes to the text:

10 12 of or
14 19 of animals life of animals
31 26 is arms his arms
37 14 above this above his
37 23 Bradley, Bradley
54 18 man man
57 14 and of Oo-oh of Oo-oh
62 18 spend spent
63 31 and mumbled the mumbled
64 9 things thing
80 30 east cast
104 16 proaching proached
106 30 cos-at-lu cos-ata-lu
126 17 not artistic not an artistic
126 25 close below hands close below
130 1 internals intervals
132 9 than

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Text Comparison with Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

Page 3
I knew that you would protect me from them, for you, too, hate them.
Page 8
They cooked their meat before they ate it and they shunned many articles of food as unclean that Tarzan had eaten with gusto all his life and so insidious is the virus of hypocrisy that even the stalwart ape-man hesitated to give rein to his natural longings before them.
Page 15
apes and made life miserable in the village of Mbonga, the chief--the forest god--the Munango-Keewati for whom we set food outside our gates and who came and ate it.
Page 21
With the light he found it easier to regain control of his nerves, and presently he was again making his way along the tunnel in search of an avenue of escape.
Page 23
He listened; but he heard no sound other than the soughing of the wind through leafy branches, the hoarse cries of birds, and the chattering of monkeys.
Page 27
Heavy gun butts fell upon it.
Page 32
There was a tantalizing suggestion always present in his mind that something was eluding him--that he should know many things which he did not know.
Page 38
The others, evidently tempted to hope for freedom from their cruel Arab master, had taken advantage of their separation from the main camp, to slay the three representatives of the hated power which held them in slavery, and vanish into the jungle.
Page 50
Feverishly he threw back the coverlets, and searched with nervous hands for the pouch of jewels which he expected to find concealed upon his victim's body.
Page 55
Lord Greystoke had ceased to exist.
Page 56
All that happened in the instant that Tarzan turned to meet the charge of the irascible rhinoceros might take long to tell, and yet would have taxed the swiftest lens to record.
Page 67
Tarzan looked up into her face.
Page 76
With the cognizance of it there rose in the breast of the ape-man a strange uneasiness--the result of an irresistible force which he was destined to become acquainted with anew--the instinct which draws the male to his mate.
Page 97
Tarzan, entering the tent of Achmet Zek, searched the interior thoroughly.
Page 113
She did not feel the heat of the fetid breath upon her face, nor the dripping of the saliva from the frightful jaws half opened so close above her.
Page 116
The sun was high in the heavens when she at last awoke, and beneath her was no sign either of Numa or the hyenas.
Page 117
The day was half spent when there broke unexpectedly upon her startled ears the sound of a rifle shot not far ahead of her.
Page 140
If you have a grievance against this man you may return with me and enter your charge regularly before an authorized tribunal.
Page 144
The roaring of the lions rose in sudden fury until the earth trembled to the hideous chorus.
Page 149
The apes trailed out behind the two white men for a matter of a few miles; but presently their interest lagged, the foremost of them halted in a little glade and the others stopped at his side.