Out of Time's Abyss

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 65

soon had the work completed, and the two stepped out upon the roof, to
all intent and purpose genuine Wieroos. Besides his pistol Bradley
carried the sword of the slain Wieroo prophet, while the girl was armed
with the small blade of the red Wieroo.

Side by side they walked slowly across the roofs toward the north edge
of the city. Wieroos flapped above them and several times they passed
others walking or sitting upon the roofs. From the temple still rose
the sounds of commotion, now pierced by occasional shrill screams.

"The murderers are abroad," whispered the girl. "Thus will another
become the tongue of Luata. It is well for us, since it keeps them too
busy to give the time for searching for us. They think that we cannot
escape the city, and they know that we cannot leave the island--and so
do I."

Bradley shook his head. "If there is any way, we will find it," he

"There is no way," replied the girl.

Bradley made no response, and in silence they continued until the outer
edge of roofs was visible before them. "We are almost there," he

The girl felt for his fingers and pressed them. He could feel hers
trembling as he returned the pressure, nor did he relinquish her hand;
and thus they came to the edge of the last roof.

Here they halted and looked about them. To be seen attempting to
descend to the ground below would be to betray the fact that they were
not Wieroos. Bradley wished that their wings were attached to their
bodies by sinew and muscle rather than by ropes of fiber. A Wieroo was
flapping far overhead. Two more stood near a door a few yards distant.
Standing between these and one of the outer pedestals that supported
one of the numerous skulls Bradley made one end of a piece of rope fast
about the pedestal and dropped the other end to the ground outside the
city. Then they waited.

It was an hour before the coast was entirely clear and then a moment
came when no Wieroo was in sight. "Now!" whispered Bradley; and the
girl grasped the rope and slid over the edge of the roof into the
darkness below. A moment later Bradley felt two quick pulls upon the
rope and immediately followed to the girl's side.

Across a narrow clearing they made their way and into a wood beyond.
All night they walked, following the river upward toward its source,
and at

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