Out of Time's Abyss

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 40

by degrees to Bo-lu, Sto-lu,
Band-lu, Kro-lu and finally Galu. And in each stage countless millions
of other eggs were deposited in the warm pools of the various races and
floated down to the great sea to go through a similar process of
evolution outside the womb as develops our own young within; but in
Caspak the scheme is much more inclusive, for it combines not only
individual development but the evolution of species and genera. If an
egg survives it goes through all the stages of development that man has
passed through during the unthinkable eons since life first moved upon
the earth's face.

The final stage--that which the Galus have almost attained and for
which all hope--is cos-ata-lu, which literally, means no-egg-man, or
one who is born directly as are the young of the outer world of
mammals. Some of the Galus produce cos-ata-lu and cos-ata-lo both; the
Wieroos only cos-ata-lu--in other words all Wieroos are born male, and
so they prey upon the Galus for their women and sometimes capture and
torture the Galu men who are cos-ata-lu in an endeavor to learn the
secret which they believe will give them unlimited power over all other
denizens of Caspak.

No Wieroos come up from the beginning--all are born of the Wieroo
fathers and Galu mothers who are cos-ata-lo, and there are very few of
the latter owing to the long and precarious stages of development.
Seven generations of the same ancestor must come up from the beginning
before a cos-ata-lu child may be born; and when one considers the
frightful dangers that surround the vital spark from the moment it
leaves the warm pool where it has been deposited to float down to the
sea amid the voracious creatures that swarm the surface and the deeps
and the almost equally unthinkable trials of its effort to survive
after it once becomes a land animal and starts northward through the
horrors of the Caspakian jungles and forests, it is plainly a wonder
that even a single babe has ever been born to a Galu woman.

Seven cycles it requires before the seventh Galu can complete the
seventh danger-infested circle since its first Galu ancestor achieved
the state of Galu. For ages before, the ancestors of this first Galu
may have developed from a Band-lu or Bo-lu egg without ever once
completing the whole circle--that is from a Galu egg, back to a fully
developed Galu.

Bradley's head was whirling before he even commenced to grasp the
complexities of Caspakian evolution; but as the truth slowly filtered
into his understanding--as gradually it became possible

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