Out of Time's Abyss

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 35

human skulls that Bradley had noted earlier in the
day and another and much larger edifice near the center of the city.
As they approached it, Bradley saw that it was a huge building rising a
hundred feet in height from the ground and that it stood alone in the
center of what might have been called a plaza in some other part of the
world. Its various parts, however, were set together with the same
strange irregularity that marked the architecture of the city as a
whole; and it was capped by an enormous saucer-shaped roof which
projected far beyond the eaves, having the appearance of a colossal
Chinese coolie hat, inverted.

The Wieroo bearing Bradley passed over one corner of the open space
about the large building, revealing to the Englishman grass and trees
and running water beneath. They passed the building and about five
hundred yards beyond the creature alighted on the roof of a square,
blue building surmounted by seven poles bearing seven skulls. This
then, thought Bradley, is the Blue Place of Seven Skulls.

Over the opening in the roof was a grated covering, and this the Wieroo
removed. The thing then tied a piece of fiber rope to one of Bradley's
ankles and rolled him over the edge of the opening. All was dark below
and for an instant the Englishman came as near to experiencing real
terror as he had ever come in his life before. As he rolled off into
the black abyss he felt the rope tighten about his ankle and an instant
later he was stopped with a sudden jerk to swing pendulumlike, head
downward. Then the creature lowered away until Bradley's head came in
sudden and painful contact with the floor below, after which the Wieroo
let loose of the rope entirely and the Englishman's body crashed to the
wooden planking. He felt the free end of the rope dropped upon him and
heard the grating being slid into place above him.

Chapter 3

Half-stunned, Bradley lay for a minute as he had fallen and then slowly
and painfully wriggled into a less uncomfortable position. He could
see nothing of his surroundings in the gloom about him until after a
few minutes his eyes became accustomed to the dark interior when he
rolled them from side to side in survey of his prison.

He discovered himself to be in a bare room which was windowless, nor
could he see any other opening than that through which he had been
lowered. In one corner was a

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