Out of Time's Abyss

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 34

but the first one went reeling backward against his
fellows from the blow to the chin which Bradley followed up with a rush
and the intention to clean up the room in record time; but he had
reckoned without the opening in the roof. Two were down and a great
wailing and moaning was arising when reinforcements appeared from
above. Bradley did not see them; but the girl did, and though she
cried out a warning, it came too late for him to avoid a large Wieroo
who dived headforemost for him, striking him between the shoulders and
bearing him to the floor. Instantly a dozen more were piling on top of
him. His pistol was wrenched from its holster and he was securely
pinioned down by the weight of numbers.

At a word from the Wieroo of the yellow slashing who evidently was a
person of authority, one left and presently returned with fiber ropes
with which Bradley was tightly bound.

"Now bear him to the Blue Place of Seven Skulls," directed the chief
Wieroo, "and one take the word of all that has passed to Him Who Speaks
for Luata."

Each of the creatures raised a hand, the back against its face, as
though in salute. One seized Bradley and carried him through the
yellow doorway to the roof from whence it rose upon its wide-spread
wings and flapped off across the roof-tops of Oo-oh with its heavy
burden clutched in its long talons.

Below him Bradley could see the city stretching away to a distance on
every hand. It was not as large as he had imagined, though he judged
that it was at least three miles square. The houses were piled in
indescribable heaps, sometimes to a height of a hundred feet. The
streets and alleys were short and crooked and there were many areas
where buildings had been wedged in so closely that no light could
possibly reach the lowest tiers, the entire surface of the ground being
packed solidly with them.

The colors were varied and startling, the architecture amazing. Many
roofs were cup or saucer-shaped with a small hole in the center of
each, as though they had been constructed to catch rain-water and
conduct it to a reservoir beneath; but nearly all the others had the
large opening in the top that Bradley had seen used by these flying men
in lieu of doorways. At all levels were the myriad poles surmounted by
grinning skulls; but the two most prominent features of the city were
the round tower of

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the following changes to the text: PAGE LINE ORIGINAL CHANGED TO 10 12 of or 14 19 of animals life of animals 31 26 is arms his arms 37 14 above this above his 37 23 Bradley, Bradley 54 18 man man 57 14 and of Oo-oh of Oo-oh 62 18 spend spent 63 31 and mumbled the mumbled 64 9 things thing 80 30 east cast 104 16 proaching proached 106 30 cos-at-lu cos-ata-lu 126 17 not artistic not an artistic 126 25 close below hands close below 130 1 internals intervals 132 9 than .