Out of Time's Abyss

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 12

humanlike. There ain't no such thing an' never was."

"Bullets don't kill ghosts," said Bradley, "so this couldn't have been
a ghost. Furthermore, there are no such things. I've been trying to
place this creature. Just succeeded. It's a tyrannosaurus. Saw
picture of skeleton in magazine. There's one in New York Natural
History Museum. Seems to me it said it was found in place called Hell
Creek somewhere in western North America. Supposed to have lived about
six million years ago."

"Hell Creek's in Montana," said Sinclair. "I used to punch cows in
Wyoming, an' I've heard of Hell Creek. Do you s'pose that there
thing's six million years old?" His tone was skeptical.

"No," replied Bradley; "But it would indicate that the island of
Caprona has stood almost without change for more than six million

The conversation and Bradley's assurance that the creature was not of
supernatural origin helped to raise a trifle the spirits of the men;
and then came another diversion in the form of ravenous meat-eaters
attracted to the spot by the uncanny sense of smell which had apprised
them of the presence of flesh, killed and ready for the eating.

It was a constant battle while they dug a grave and consigned all that
was mortal of John Tippet to his last, lonely resting-place. Nor would
they leave then; but remained to fashion a rude headstone from a
crumbling out-cropping of sandstone and to gather a mass of the
gorgeous flowers growing in such great profusion around them and heap
the new-made grave with bright blooms. Upon the headstone Sinclair
scratched in rude characters the words:

10 SEPT. A.D. 1916

and Bradley repeated a short prayer before they left their comrade

For three days the party marched due south through forests and
meadow-land and great park-like areas where countless herbivorous
animals grazed--deer and antelope and bos and the little ecca, the
smallest species of Caspakian horse, about the size of a rabbit. There
were other horses too; but all were small, the largest being not above
eight hands in height. Preying continually upon the herbivora were the
meat-eaters, large and small--wolves, hyaenodons, panthers, lions,
tigers, and bears as well as several large and ferocious species of
reptilian life.

On September twelfth the party scaled a line of sandstone cliffs which
crossed their route toward the south; but

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