Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 95

how delectable! This was indeed a new play of the first magnitude.
Tarzan was entranced. Soon he discovered that by wriggling his body in
just the right way at the proper time he could diminish or accelerate
his oscillation, and, being a boy, he chose, naturally, to accelerate.
Presently he was swinging far and wide, while below him, the apes of
the tribe of Kerchak looked on in mild amaze.

Had it been you or I swinging there at the end of that grass rope, the
thing which presently happened would not have happened, for we could
not have hung on so long as to have made it possible; but Tarzan was
quite as much at home swinging by his hands as he was standing upon his
feet, or, at least, almost. At any rate he felt no fatigue long after
the time that an ordinary mortal would have been numb with the strain
of the physical exertion. And this was his undoing.

Tublat was watching him as were others of the tribe. Of all the
creatures of the wild, there was none Tublat so cordially hated as he
did this hideous, hairless, white-skinned, caricature of an ape. But
for Tarzan's nimbleness, and the zealous watchfulness of savage Kala's
mother love, Tublat would long since have rid himself of this stain
upon his family escutcheon. So long had it been since Tarzan became a
member of the tribe, that Tublat had forgotten the circumstances
surrounding the entrance of the jungle waif into his family, with the
result that he now imagined that Tarzan was his own offspring, adding
greatly to his chagrin.

Wide and far swung Tarzan of the Apes, until at last, as he reached the
highest point of the arc the rope, which rapidly had frayed on the
rough bark of the tree limb, parted suddenly. The watching apes saw
the smooth, brown body shoot outward, and down, plummet-like. Tublat
leaped high in the air, emitting what in a human being would have been
an exclamation of delight. This would be the end of Tarzan and most of
Tublat's troubles. From now on he could lead his life in peace and

Tarzan fell quite forty feet, alighting on his back in a thick bush.
Kala was the first to reach his side--ferocious, hideous, loving Kala.
She had seen the life crushed from her own balu in just such a fall
years before. Was she to lose this one too in the same way? Tarzan was
lying quite still when she found him,

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