Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 56

hopped about the clearing dragging the
old one after him in childish glee.

As Tarzan traveled, dividing his quest for food with one for a
sufficiently noble quarry whereupon to test his new weapon, his mind
often was upon Gazan. The ape-man had realized a deep affection for
Teeka's balu almost from the first, partly because the child belonged
to Teeka, his first love, and partly for the little ape's own sake, and
Tarzan's human longing for some sentient creature upon which to expend
those natural affections of the soul which are inherent to all normal
members of the GENUS HOMO. Tarzan envied Teeka. It was true that Gazan
evidenced a considerable reciprocation of Tarzan's fondness for him,
even preferring him to his own surly sire; but to Teeka the little one
turned when in pain or terror, when tired or hungry. Then it was that
Tarzan felt quite alone in the world and longed desperately for one who
should turn first to him for succor and protection.

Taug had Teeka; Teeka had Gazan; and nearly every other bull and cow of
the tribe of Kerchak had one or more to love and by whom to be loved.
Of course Tarzan could scarcely formulate the thought in precisely this
way--he only knew that he craved something which was denied him;
something which seemed to be represented by those relations which
existed between Teeka and her balu, and so he envied Teeka and longed
for a balu of his own.

He saw Sheeta and his mate with their little family of three; and
deeper inland toward the rocky hills, where one might lie up during the
heat of the day, in the dense shade of a tangled thicket close under
the cool face of an overhanging rock, Tarzan had found the lair of
Numa, the lion, and of Sabor, the lioness. Here he had watched them
with their little balus--playful creatures, spotted leopard-like. And
he had seen the young fawn with Bara, the deer, and with Buto, the
rhinoceros, its ungainly little one. Each of the creatures of the
jungle had its own--except Tarzan. It made the ape-man sad to think
upon this thing, sad and lonely; but presently the scent of game
cleared his young mind of all other considerations, as catlike he
crawled far out upon a bending limb above the game trail which led down
to the ancient watering place of the wild things of this wild world.

How many thousands of times had this great, old limb bent to the savage
form of some blood-thirsty hunter in

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