Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 41

the ape masculine gender sound BU before the
entire word and the feminine gender sound MU before each of the
lower-case letters which go to make up boy--it would tire you and it
would bring me to the nineteenth hole several strokes under par.

And so Tarzan harangued the moon, and when Goro did not reply, Tarzan
of the Apes waxed wroth. He swelled his giant chest and bared his
fighting fangs, and hurled into the teeth of the dead satellite the
challenge of the bull ape.

"You are not Bulamutumumo," he cried. "You are not king of the jungle
folk. You are not so great as Tarzan, mighty fighter, mighty hunter.
None there is so great as Tarzan. If there be a Bulamutumumo, Tarzan
can kill him. Come down, Goro, great coward, and fight with Tarzan.
Tarzan will kill you. I am Tarzan, the killer."

But the moon made no answer to the boasting of the ape-man, and when a
cloud came and obscured her face, Tarzan thought that Goro was indeed
afraid, and was hiding from him, so he came down out of the trees and
awoke Numgo and told him how great was Tarzan--how he had frightened
Goro out of the sky and made him tremble. Tarzan spoke of the moon as
HE, for all things large or awe inspiring are male to the ape folk.

Numgo was not much impressed; but he was very sleepy, so he told Tarzan
to go away and leave his betters alone.

"But where shall I find God?" insisted Tarzan. "You are very old; if
there is a God you must have seen Him. What does He look like? Where
does He live?"

"I am God," replied Numgo. "Now sleep and disturb me no more."

Tarzan looked at Numgo steadily for several minutes, his shapely head
sank just a trifle between his great shoulders, his square chin shot
forward and his short upper lip drew back, exposing his white teeth.
Then, with a low growl he leaped upon the ape and buried his fangs in
the other's hairy shoulder, clutching the great neck in his mighty
fingers. Twice he shook the old ape, then he released his tooth-hold.

"Are you God?" he demanded.

"No," wailed Numgo. "I am only a poor, old ape. Leave me alone. Go
ask the Gomangani where God is. They are hairless like yourself and
very wise, too. They should know."

Tarzan released Numgo and turned away. The suggestion that he consult
the blacks appealed to

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