Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 38

her hairy breast, and put out his hands to take the
little one, expecting that Teeka would bare her fangs and spring upon
him; but instead she placed the balu in his arms, and coming nearer,
licked his frightful wounds.

And presently Taug, who had escaped with only a few scratches, came and
squatted beside Tarzan and watched him as he played with the little
balu, and at last he too leaned over and helped Teeka with the
cleansing and the healing of the ape-man's hurts.


The God of Tarzan

AMONG THE BOOKS of his dead father in the little cabin by the
land-locked harbor, Tarzan of the Apes found many things to puzzle his
young head. By much labor and through the medium of infinite patience
as well, he had, without assistance, discovered the purpose of the
little bugs which ran riot upon the printed pages. He had learned that
in the many combinations in which he found them they spoke in a silent
language, spoke in a strange tongue, spoke of wonderful things which a
little ape-boy could not by any chance fully understand, arousing his
curiosity, stimulating his imagination and filling his soul with a
mighty longing for further knowledge.

A dictionary had proven itself a wonderful storehouse of information,
when, after several years of tireless endeavor, he had solved the
mystery of its purpose and the manner of its use. He had learned to
make a species of game out of it, following up the spoor of a new
thought through the mazes of the many definitions which each new word
required him to consult. It was like following a quarry through the
jungle--it was hunting, and Tarzan of the Apes was an indefatigable

There were, of course, certain words which aroused his curiosity to a
greater extent than others, words which, for one reason or another,
excited his imagination. There was one, for example, the meaning of
which was rather difficult to grasp. It was the word GOD. Tarzan
first had been attracted to it by the fact that it was very short and
that it commenced with a larger g-bug than those about it--a male g-bug
it was to Tarzan, the lower-case letters being females. Another fact
which attracted him to this word

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