Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 36

had it
landed, but it did not land, for Tarzan ducked beneath it and closed,
his long knife ready in one strong hand--the knife of his dead father,
of the father he never had known.

Instantly the balu was forgotten by Sheeta, the panther. He now
thought only of tearing to ribbons with his powerful talons the flesh
of his antagonist, of burying his long, yellow fangs in the soft,
smooth hide of the ape-man, but Tarzan had fought before with clawed
creatures of the jungle. Before now he had battled with fanged
monsters, nor always had he come away unscathed. He knew the risk that
he ran, but Tarzan of the Apes, inured to the sight of suffering and
death, shrank from neither, for he feared neither.

The instant that he dodged beneath Sheeta's blow, he leaped to the
beast's rear and then full upon the tawny back, burying his teeth in
Sheeta's neck and the fingers of one hand in the fur at the throat, and
with the other hand he drove his blade into Sheeta's side.

Over and over upon the grass rolled Sheeta, growling and screaming,
clawing and biting, in a mad effort to dislodge his antagonist or get
some portion of his body within range of teeth or talons.

As Tarzan leaped to close quarters with the panther, Teeka had run
quickly in and snatched up her balu. Now she sat upon a high branch,
safe out of harm's way, cuddling the little thing close to her hairy
breast, the while her savage little eyes bored down upon the
contestants in the clearing, and her ferocious voice urged Taug and the
other bulls to leap into the melee.

Thus goaded the bulls came closer, redoubling their hideous clamor; but
Sheeta was already sufficiently engaged--he did not even hear them.
Once he succeeded in partially dislodging the ape-man from his back, so
that Tarzan swung for an instant in front of those awful talons, and in
the brief instant before he could regain his former hold, a raking blow
from a hind paw laid open one leg from hip to knee.

It was the sight and smell of this blood, possibly, which wrought upon
the encircling apes; but it was Taug who really was responsible for the
thing they did.

Taug, but a moment before filled with rage toward Tarzan of the Apes,
stood close to the battling pair, his red-rimmed, wicked little eyes
glaring at them. What was passing in his savage brain? Did he gloat
over the unenviable position of his recent tormentor? Did he long

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