Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 33

with an angry growl of protest,
Tarzan leaped to the branch at the attacking ape's side, and with a
single mighty cuff, swept him from his perch.

Surprised and enraged, the bull clutched madly for support as he
toppled sidewise, and then with an agile movement succeeded in
projecting himself toward another limb a few feet below. Here he found
a hand-hold, quickly righted himself, and as quickly clambered upward
to be revenged upon Tarzan, but the ape-man was otherwise engaged and
did not wish to be interrupted. He was explaining again to Taug the
depths of the latter's abysmal ignorance, and pointing out how much
greater and mightier was Tarzan of the Apes than Taug or any other ape.

In the end he would release Taug, but not until Taug was fully
acquainted with his own inferiority. And then the maddened bull came
from beneath, and instantly Tarzan was transformed from a good-natured,
teasing youth into a snarling, savage beast. Along his scalp the hair
bristled: his upper lip drew back that his fighting fangs might be
uncovered and ready. He did not wait for the bull to reach him, for
something in the appearance or the voice of the attacker aroused within
the ape-man a feeling of belligerent antagonism that would not be
denied. With a scream that carried no human note, Tarzan leaped
straight at the throat of the attacker.

The impetuosity of this act and the weight and momentum of his body
carried the bull backward, clutching and clawing for support, down
through the leafy branches of the tree. For fifteen feet the two fell,
Tarzan's teeth buried in the jugular of his opponent, when a stout
branch stopped their descent. The bull struck full upon the small of
his back across the limb, hung there for a moment with the ape-man
still upon his breast, and then toppled over toward the ground.

Tarzan had felt the instantaneous relaxation of the body beneath him
after the heavy impact with the tree limb, and as the other turned
completely over and started again upon its fall toward the ground, he
reached forth a hand and caught the branch in time to stay his own
descent, while the ape dropped like a plummet to the foot of the tree.

Tarzan looked downward for a moment upon the still form of his late
antagonist, then he rose to his full height, swelled his deep chest,
smote upon it with his clenched fist and roared out the uncanny
challenge of the victorious bull ape.

Even Sheeta, the panther, crouched

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I can help you, and you can help me.