Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 143

most frightful chorus of
growlings and barkings and roarings. In five minutes they were torn
and bleeding, and the little graybeard leaped high, shrilling his
primitive bravos; but always his attitude was "thumbs down." He wanted
to see something killed. He did not care whether it were friend or
foe. It was blood he wanted--blood and death.

Taug had been set upon by Toog and another of the apes, while Tarzan
had the third--a huge brute with the strength of a buffalo. Never
before had Tarzan's assailant beheld so strange a creature as this
slippery, hairless bull with which he battled. Sweat and blood covered
Tarzan's sleek, brown hide. Again and again he slipped from the
clutches of the great bull, and all the while he struggled to free his
hunting knife from the scabbard in which it had stuck.

At length he succeeded--a brown hand shot out and clutched a hairy
throat, another flew upward clutching the sharp blade. Three swift,
powerful strokes and the bull relaxed with a groan, falling limp
beneath his antagonist. Instantly Tarzan broke from the clutches of
the dying bull and sprang to Taug's assistance. Toog saw him coming
and wheeled to meet him. In the impact of the charge, Tarzan's knife
was wrenched from his hand and then Toog closed with him. Now was the
battle even--two against two--while on the verge, Teeka, now recovered
from the blow that had felled her, slunk waiting for an opportunity to
aid. She saw Tarzan's knife and picked it up. She never had used it,
but knew how Tarzan used it. Always had she been afraid of the thing
which dealt death to the mightiest of the jungle people with the ease
that Tantor's great tusks deal death to Tantor's enemies.

She saw Tarzan's pocket pouch torn from his side, and with the
curiosity of an ape, that even danger and excitement cannot entirely
dispel, she picked this up, too.

Now the bulls were standing--the clinches had been broken. Blood
streamed down their sides--their faces were crimsoned with it. Little
graybeard was so fascinated that at last he had even forgotten to
scream and dance; but sat rigid with delight in the enjoyment of the

Back across the grove Tarzan and Taug forced their adversaries. Teeka
followed slowly. She scarce knew what to do. She was lame and sore
and exhausted from the frightful ordeal through which she had passed,
and she had the confidence of her sex in the prowess of her

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