Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 142

bushes beyond the clearing."

He turned and waddled away across the open place, the others following
him. The little monkey danced about, all excitement. His chief
diversion in life was to bring about bloody encounters between the
larger denizens of the forest, that he might sit in the safety of the
trees and witness the spectacles. He was a glutton for gore, was this
little, whiskered, gray monkey, so long as it was the gore of others--a
typical fight fan was the graybeard.

The apes hid themselves in the shrubbery beside the trail along which
the two stranger bulls would pass. Teeka trembled with excitement.
She had heard the words of Manu, and she knew that the hairless ape
must be Tarzan, while the other was, doubtless, Taug. Never, in her
wildest hopes, had she expected succor of this sort. Her one thought
had been to escape and find her way back to the tribe of Kerchak; but
even this had appeared to her practically impossible, so closely did
Toog watch her.

As Taug and Tarzan reached the grove where Toog had come upon his
friends, the ape scent became so strong that both knew the quarry was
but a short distance ahead. And so they went even more cautiously, for
they wished to come upon the thief from behind if they could and charge
him before he was aware of their presence. That a little
gray-whiskered monkey had forestalled them they did not know, nor that
three pairs of savage eyes were already watching their every move and
waiting for them to come within reach of itching paws and slavering

On they came across the grove, and as they entered the path leading
into the dense jungle beyond, a sudden "Kreeg-ah!" shrilled out close
before them--a "Kreeg-ah" in the familiar voice of Teeka. The small
brains of Toog and his companions had not been able to foresee that
Teeka might betray them, and now that she had, they went wild with
rage. Toog struck the she a mighty blow that felled her, and then the
three rushed forth to do battle with Tarzan and Taug. The little
monkey danced upon his perch and screamed with delight.

And indeed he might well be delighted, for it was a lovely fight.
There were no preliminaries, no formalities, no introductions--the five
bulls merely charged and clinched. They rolled in the narrow trail and
into the thick verdure beside it. They bit and clawed and scratched
and struck, and all the while they kept up the

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