Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 140

ape was yet carrying Teeka. The depth of the
imprint of his feet indicated a much greater weight than that of any of
the larger bulls, for they were made under the combined weight of Toog
and Teeka, while the fact that the knuckles of but one hand touched the
ground at any time showed that the other hand was occupied in some
other business--the business of holding the prisoner to a hairy
shoulder. Tarzan could follow, in sheltered places, the changing of
the burden from one shoulder to another, as indicated by the deepening
of the foot imprint upon the side of the load, and the changing of the
knuckle imprints from one side of the trail to the other.

There were stretches along the surface paths where the ape had gone for
considerable distances entirely erect upon his hind feet--walking as a
man walks; but the same might have been true of any of the great
anthropoids of the same species, for, unlike the chimpanzee and the
gorilla, they walk without the aid of their hands quite as readily as
with. It was such things, however, which helped to identify to Tarzan
and to Taug the appearance of the abductor, and with his individual
scent characteristic already indelibly impressed upon their memories,
they were in a far better position to know him when they came upon him,
even should he have disposed of Teeka before, than is a modern sleuth
with his photographs and Bertillon measurements, equipped to recognize
a fugitive from civilized justice.

But with all their high-strung and delicately attuned perceptive
faculties the two bulls of the tribe of Kerchak were often sore pressed
to follow the trail at all, and at best were so delayed that in the
afternoon of the second day, they still had not overhauled the
fugitive. The scent was now strong, for it had been made since the
rain, and Tarzan knew that it would not be long before they came upon
the thief and his loot. Above them, as they crept stealthily forward,
chattered Manu, the monkey, and his thousand fellows; squawked and
screamed the brazen-throated birds of plumage; buzzed and hummed the
countless insects amid the rustling of the forest leaves, and, as they
passed, a little gray-beard, squeaking and scolding upon a swaying
branch, looked down and saw them. Instantly the scolding and squeaking
ceased, and off tore the long-tailed mite as though Sheeta, the
panther, had been endowed with wings and was in close pursuit of him.
To all appearances he was only a very much frightened

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