Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 136

held him out for Tarzan to
see. Of all the bulls of the tribe, Taug held affection for Tarzan
only. Tarzan he trusted and looked up to as one wiser and more
cunning. To Tarzan he came now--to the playmate of his balu days, the
companion of innumerable battles of his maturity.

When Tarzan saw the still form in Taug's arms, a low growl broke from
his lips, for he too loved Teeka's little balu.

"Who did it?" he asked. "Where is Teeka?"

"I do not know," replied Taug. "I found him lying here with Dango
about to feed upon him; but it was not Dango that did it--there are no
fang marks upon him."

Tarzan came closer and placed an ear against Gazan's breast. "He is
not dead," he said. "Maybe he will not die." He pressed through the
crowd of apes and circled once about them, examining the ground step by
step. Suddenly he stopped and placing his nose close to the earth
sniffed. Then he sprang to his feet, giving a peculiar cry. Taug and
the others pressed forward, for the sound told them that the hunter had
found the spoor of his quarry.

"A stranger bull has been here," said Tarzan. "It was he that hurt
Gazan. He has carried off Teeka."

Taug and the other bulls commenced to roar and threaten; but they did
nothing. Had the stranger bull been within sight they would have torn
him to pieces; but it did not occur to them to follow him.

"If the three bulls had been watching around the tribe this would not
have happened," said Tarzan. "Such things will happen as long as you
do not keep the three bulls watching for an enemy. The jungle is full
of enemies, and yet you let your shes and your balus feed where they
will, alone and unprotected. Tarzan goes now--he goes to find Teeka
and bring her back to the tribe."

The idea appealed to the other bulls. "We will all go," they cried.

"No," said Tarzan, "you will not all go. We cannot take shes and balus
when we go out to hunt and fight. You must remain to guard them or you
will lose them all."

They scratched their heads. The wisdom of his advice was dawning upon
them, but at first they had been carried away by the new idea--the idea
of following up an enemy offender to wrest his prize from him and
punish him. The community

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