Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 135

beast there beat a heart which
was moved, however slightly, by the same emotions of paternal love
which affect us. Even had we no actual evidence of this, we must know
it still, since only thus might be explained the survival of the human
race in which the jealousy and selfishness of the bulls would, in the
earliest stages of the race, have wiped out the young as rapidly as
they were brought into the world had not God implanted in the savage
bosom that paternal love which evidences itself most strongly in the
protective instinct of the male.

In Taug the protective instinct was not alone highly developed; but
affection for his offspring as well, for Taug was an unusually
intelligent specimen of these great, manlike apes which the natives of
the Gobi speak of in whispers; but which no white man ever had seen,
or, if seeing, lived to tell of until Tarzan of the Apes came among

And so Taug felt sorrow as any other father might feel sorrow at the
loss of a little child. To you little Gazan might have seemed a
hideous and repulsive creature, but to Taug and Teeka he was as
beautiful and as cute as is your little Mary or Johnnie or Elizabeth
Ann to you, and he was their firstborn, their only balu, and a
he--three things which might make a young ape the apple of any fond
father's eye.

For a moment Taug sniffed at the quiet little form. With his muzzle
and his tongue he smoothed and caressed the rumpled coat. From his
savage lips broke a low moan; but quickly upon the heels of sorrow came
the overmastering desire for revenge.

Leaping to his feet he screamed out a volley of "Kreegahs," punctuated
from time to time by the blood-freezing cry of an angry, challenging
bull--a rage-mad bull with the blood lust strong upon him.

Answering his cries came the cries of the tribe as they swung through
the trees toward him. It was these that Tarzan heard on his return
from his cabin, and in reply to them he raised his own voice and
hurried forward with increased speed until he fairly flew through the
middle terraces of the forest.

When at last he came upon the tribe he saw their members gathered about
Taug and something which lay quietly upon the ground. Dropping among
them, Tarzan approached the center of the group. Taug was still
roaring out his challenges; but when he saw Tarzan he ceased and
stooping picked up Gazan in his arms and

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