Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 130

fangs and growled. Little Gazan started to
run toward his mother, but she warned him away with a quick "Kreeg-ah!"
telling him to run high into a tall tree. Evidently Teeka was not
favorably impressed by her new suitor. Toog realized this and altered
his methods accordingly. He swelled his giant chest, beat upon it with
his calloused knuckles and swaggered to and fro before her.

"I am Toog," he boasted. "Look at my fighting fangs. Look at my great
arms and my mighty legs. With one bite I can slay your biggest bull.
Alone have I slain Sheeta. I am Toog. Toog wants you." Then he waited
for the effect, nor did he have long to wait. Teeka turned with a
swiftness which belied her great weight and bolted in the opposite
direction. Toog, with an angry growl, leaped in pursuit; but the
smaller, lighter female was too fleet for him. He chased her for a few
yards and then, foaming and barking, he halted and beat upon the ground
with his hard fists.

From the tree above him little Gazan looked down and witnessed the
stranger bull's discomfiture. Being young, and thinking himself safe
above the reach of the heavy male, Gazan screamed an ill-timed insult
at their tormentor. Toog looked up. Teeka had halted at a little
distance--she would not go far from her balu; that Toog quickly
realized and as quickly determined to take advantage of. He saw that
the tree in which the young ape squatted was isolated and that Gazan
could not reach another without coming to earth. He would obtain the
mother through her love for her young.

He swung himself into the lower branches of the tree. Little Gazan
ceased to insult him; his expression of deviltry changed to one of
apprehension, which was quickly followed by fear as Toog commenced to
ascend toward him. Teeka screamed to Gazan to climb higher, and the
little fellow scampered upward among the tiny branches which would not
support the weight of the great bull; but nevertheless Toog kept on
climbing. Teeka was not fearful. She knew that he could not ascend
far enough to reach Gazan, so she sat at a little distance from the
tree and applied jungle opprobrium to him. Being a female, she was a
past master of the art.

But she did not know the malevolent cunning of Toog's little brain.
She took it for granted that the bull would climb as high

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