Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 118

the ape-man. Swiftly and noiselessly
Tarzan approached him. There was no sound as steel fingers closed
about the black throat. The struggle was short, for the man was old
and already half stupefied from the effects of the gorging and the beer.

Tarzan dropped the inert mass and scooped several large pieces of meat
from the cooking pot--enough to satisfy even his great hunger--then he
raised the body of the feaster and shoved it into the vessel. When the
other blacks awoke they would have something to think about! Tarzan
grinned. As he turned toward the tree with his meat, he picked up a
vessel containing beer and raised it to his lips, but at the first
taste he spat the stuff from his mouth and tossed the primitive tankard
aside. He was quite sure that even Dango would draw the line at such
filthy tasting drink as that, and his contempt for man increased with
the conviction.

Tarzan swung off into the jungle some half mile or so before he paused
to partake of his stolen food. He noticed that it gave forth a strange
and unpleasant odor, but assumed that this was due to the fact that it
had stood in a vessel of water above a fire. Tarzan was, of course,
unaccustomed to cooked food. He did not like it; but he was very
hungry and had eaten a considerable portion of his haul before it was
really borne in upon him that the stuff was nauseating. It required
far less than he had imagined it would to satisfy his appetite.

Throwing the balance to the ground he curled up in a convenient crotch
and sought slumber; but slumber seemed difficult to woo. Ordinarily
Tarzan of the Apes was asleep as quickly as a dog after it curls itself
upon a hearthrug before a roaring blaze; but tonight he squirmed and
twisted, for at the pit of his stomach was a peculiar feeling that
resembled nothing more closely than an attempt upon the part of the
fragments of elephant meat reposing there to come out into the night
and search for their elephant; but Tarzan was adamant. He gritted his
teeth and held them back. He was not to be robbed of his meal after
waiting so long to obtain it.

He had succeeded in dozing when the roaring of a lion awoke him. He
sat up to discover that it was broad daylight. Tarzan rubbed his eyes.
Could it be that he had really slept?

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