Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 111

was very wroth. He spoke to the bulls
of the ease with which Numa and Sheeta, in a single moon, had slain two
members of the tribe.

"They will take us all for food," he cried. "We hunt as we will
through the jungle, paying no heed to approaching enemies. Even Manu,
the monkey, does not so. He keeps two or three always watching for
enemies. Pacco, the zebra, and Wappi, the antelope, have those about
the herd who keep watch while the others feed, while we, the great
Mangani, let Numa, and Sabor, and Sheeta come when they will and carry
us off to feed their balus.

"Gr-r-rmph," said Numgo.

"What are we to do?" asked Taug.

"We, too, should have two or three always watching for the approach of
Numa, and Sabor, and Sheeta," replied Tarzan. "No others need we fear,
except Histah, the snake, and if we watch for the others we will see
Histah if he comes, though gliding ever so silently."

And so it was that the great apes of the tribe of Kerchak posted
sentries thereafter, who watched upon three sides while the tribe
hunted, scattered less than had been their wont.

But Tarzan went abroad alone, for Tarzan was a man-thing and sought
amusement and adventure and such humor as the grim and terrible jungle
offers to those who know it and do not fear it--a weird humor shot with
blazing eyes and dappled with the crimson of lifeblood. While others
sought only food and love, Tarzan of the Apes sought food and joy.

One day he hovered above the palisaded village of Mbonga, the chief,
the jet cannibal of the jungle primeval. He saw, as he had seen many
times before, the witch-doctor, Rabba Kega, decked out in the head and
hide of Gorgo, the buffalo. It amused Tarzan to see a Gomangani
parading as Gorgo; but it suggested nothing in particular to him until
he chanced to see stretched against the side of Mbonga's hut the skin
of a lion with the head still on. Then a broad grin widened the
handsome face of the savage beast-youth.

Back into the jungle he went until chance, agility, strength, and
cunning backed by his marvelous powers of perception, gave him an easy
meal. If Tarzan felt that the world owed him a living he also realized
that it was for him to collect it, nor was there ever a better
collector than this son of an English lord, who knew even less of the
ways of his forbears than

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