Jungle Tales of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 108

his great hunger in the consuming passion of his
rage, leaving his meat for considerable spaces of time in vain efforts
to catch his enemy.

The apes and Tarzan pursued the great beast to a natural clearing,
where Numa evidently determined to make a last stand, taking up his
position in the center of the open space, which was far enough from any
tree to render him practically immune from the rather erratic throwing
of the apes, though Tarzan still found him with most persistent and
aggravating frequency.

This, however, did not suit the ape-man, since Numa now suffered an
occasional missile with no more than a snarl, while he settled himself
to partake of his delayed feast. Tarzan scratched his head, pondering
some more effective method of offense, for he had determined to prevent
Numa from profiting in any way through his attack upon the tribe. The
man-mind reasoned against the future, while the shaggy apes thought
only of their present hatred of this ancestral enemy. Tarzan guessed
that should Numa find it an easy thing to snatch a meal from the tribe
of Kerchak, it would be but a short time before their existence would
be one living nightmare of hideous watchfulness and dread. Numa must
be taught that the killing of an ape brought immediate punishment and
no rewards. It would take but a few lessons to insure the former
safety of the tribe. This must be some old lion whose failing strength
and agility had forced him to any prey that he could catch; but even a
single lion, undisputed, could exterminate the tribe, or at least make
its existence so precarious and so terrifying that life would no longer
be a pleasant condition.

"Let him hunt among the Gomangani," thought Tarzan. "He will find them
easier prey. I will teach ferocious Numa that he may not hunt the

But how to wrest the body of his victim from the feeding lion was the
first question to be solved. At last Tarzan hit upon a plan. To
anyone but Tarzan of the Apes it might have seemed rather a risky plan,
and perhaps it did even to him; but Tarzan rather liked things that
contained a considerable element of danger. At any rate, I rather
doubt that you or I would have chosen a similar plan for foiling an
angry and a hungry lion.

Tarzan required assistance in the scheme he had hit upon and his
assistant must be equally as brave and almost as active as he. The
ape-man's eyes

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