At the Earth's Core

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 33

Perry as the thing passed me to inspect him. The old man
was gazing at the horrid creature with wide astonished eyes. When it
passed on, he turned to me.

"A rhamphorhynchus of the Middle Olitic, David," he said, "but, gad,
how enormous! The largest remains we ever have discovered have never
indicated a size greater than that attained by an ordinary crow."

As we continued on through the main avenue of Phutra we saw many
thousand of the creatures coming and going upon their daily duties.
They paid but little attention to us. Phutra is laid out underground
with a regularity that indicates remarkable engineering skill. It is
hewn from solid limestone strata. The streets are broad and of a
uniform height of twenty feet. At intervals tubes pierce the roof of
this underground city, and by means of lenses and reflectors transmit
the sunlight, softened and diffused, to dispel what would otherwise be
Cimmerian darkness. In like manner air is introduced.

Perry and I were taken, with Ghak, to a large public building, where
one of the Sagoths who had formed our guard explained to a Maharan
official the circumstances surrounding our capture. The method of
communication between these two was remarkable in that no spoken words
were exchanged. They employed a species of sign language. As I was to
learn later, the Mahars have no ears, not any spoken language. Among
themselves they communicate by means of what Perry says must be a sixth
sense which is cognizant of a fourth dimension.

I never did quite grasp him, though he endeavored to explain it to me
upon numerous occasions. I suggested telepathy, but he said no, that
it was not telepathy since they could only communicate when in each
others' presence, nor could they talk with the Sagoths or the other
inhabitants of Pellucidar by the same method they used to converse with
one another.

"What they do," said Perry, "is to project their thoughts into the
fourth dimension, when they become appreciable to the sixth sense of
their listener. Do I make myself quite clear?"

"You do not, Perry," I replied. He shook his head in despair, and
returned to his work. They had set us to carrying a great accumulation
of Maharan literature from one apartment to another, and there
arranging it upon shelves. I suggested to Perry that we were in the
public library of Phutra, but later, as he commenced to discover the
key to their written language, he assured me that we

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