A Princess of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 157

woman standing in the garden
of a palace, and at her side is a little boy who puts his arm around
her as she points into the sky toward the planet Earth, while at their
feet is a huge and hideous creature with a heart of gold.

I believe that they are waiting there for me, and something tells me
that I shall soon know.

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Text Comparison with The Gods of Mars

Page 7
They were suspended by a small stem which seemed to grow from the exact tops of their heads to where it connected them with the body of the adult.
Page 25
" As we talked I had been searching the interior of the chamber with my eyes.
Page 27
In their veins flows lifeblood that may be let as easily as ours, and the fact that they remain invisible to us is the best proof to my mind that they are mortal; nor overly courageous mortals at that.
Page 28
That there was nothing supernatural about our new foes was well evidenced by their howls of rage and pain as they felt the sharp steel at their vitals, and the very real blood which flowed from their severed arteries as they died the real death.
Page 34
" "Know you the secret of it then?" I asked.
Page 38
"They die from the same causes as you or I might: those who do not live their allotted span of life, one thousand years, when by the authority of custom they may take their way in happiness through the long tunnel that leads to Issus.
Page 51
"Do you understand now, O Prince," she said, "why a million warriors guard the domains of the Holy Therns by day and by night?" "The scene you are witnessing now is but a repetition of what I have seen enacted a score of times during the fifteen years I have been a prisoner here.
Page 91
"Come," he said.
Page 92
The brutal beasts moved among the crowd as pet dogs might.
Page 94
for Issus.
Page 103
"ZITHAD" "Zithad is Dator of the guards of Issus," explained the youth.
Page 122
It was as one might feel on coming home after a long absence.
Page 127
Retreat was cut off in all directions, unless I chose to charge one of the beasts.
Page 135
All semblance of order had left the ranks of the green men, and as they looked far above our heads to trace the origin of this unexpected attack, disorder turned to retreat and retreat to a wild panic.
Page 142
We were taken into the temple from the landing stage upon the roof, so that we did not pass among the people at all, as is customary.
Page 156
The leader rapped upon it with the hilt of his sword--three quick, sharp blows, a pause, then three more, another pause, and then two.
Page 163
I wondered who it could be who ministered to me.
Page 177
I could scarcely retain an outward exhibition of my great joy.
Page 182
But to my surprise I ran against a blank wall before I reached a point where the waters came to the roof of the corridor.
Page 183
I was positive that I must soon feel the solid floor beneath my feet again and that once more my chance would come to reach the Temple of Issus and the side of the fair prisoner who languished there.