A Princess of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

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This audio reading of A Princess of Mars is read by

Stephan Moebius,
Peter Yearsley,
Tony Hightower,
Steve Hartzog,
Kymm Zuckert,
Chris Petersen,
Kara Shallenberg,
Chris Vee,
Patrick McNeal, and
Sherry Crowther.


# Foreword - 00:07:47
Read by: Stephan Moebius

# Chapter 01 - 00:16:45
Read by: Peter Yearsley

# Chapter 02 - 00:09:42
Read by: Tony Hightower

# Chapter 03 - 00:18:32
Read by: Steve Hartzog

# Chapter 04 - 00:13:49
Read by: Steve Hartzog

# Chapter 05 - 00:09:17
Read by: Kymm Zuckert

# Chapter 06 - 00:11:11
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 07 - 00:14:28
Read by: Kara Shallenberg

# Chapter 08 - 00:11:36
Read by: Tony Hightower

# Chapter 09 - 00:07:59
Read by: Tony Hightower

# Chapter 10 - 00:19:11
Read by: Tony Hightower

# Chapter 11 - 00:17:02
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 12 - 00:13:49
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 13 - 00:13:17
Read by: Stephan Moebius

# Chapter 14 - 00:21:13
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 15 - 00:20:57
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 16 - 00:23:39
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 17 - 00:19:03
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 18 - 00:10:39
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 19 - 00:14:28
Read by: Chris Vee

# Chapter 20 - 00:16:33
Read by: Patrick McNeal

# Chapter 21 - 00:21:45
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 22 - 00:23:47
Read by: Sherry Crowther

# Chapter 23 - 00:13:24
Read by: Stephan Moebius

# Chapter 24 - 00:16:13
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 25 - 00:11:59
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 26 - 00:14:52
Read by: Chris Peterson

# Chapter 27 - 00:11:41
Read by: Kymm Zuckert

# Chapter 28 - 00:05:31
Read by: Stephan Moebius

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Dark clouds moving swiftly across the heavens now and again eclipsed the bright face of Goro, the moon, and forewarned the ape-man of impending storm.
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The details having been settled after an hour or more of that bickering argument of which the native African is so fond, the newcomers entered the village where they were assigned to huts.
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" It was the only way he could make them understand that they must not slay her.
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That will take time.
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"Good-bye," he said.
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The man he might have tolerated, but he could not even consider the presence of the girl.
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" She smiled and thanked him, but the thing had been said and could never be unsaid, and Bertha Kircher knew even more surely than as though he had fallen upon his knees and protested undying devotion that the young English officer loved her.
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" But when she put the suggestion to Usanga the black immediately suspected some plan to thwart him--possibly to carry him against his will back to the German masters he had traitorously deserted, and glowering at her savagely, he obstinately refused to entertain the suggestion.
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Here the girl bathed and afterward her companion brought her one of the clinging garments of the native women and adjusted it about her figure.
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The other guardsmen, as though suffering in sympathy the madness of their prince, ran forward screaming and brandishing their sabers.
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Realizing that his greatest hope of success lay in the boldness of his operations he moved off in the direction of the nearest street flare without making any other attempt at concealment than keeping in the shadows of the arcade, which he judged would draw no particular attention to him in that he saw other pedestrians doing likewise.
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At the sound of his entry the maniac looked up, and as he saw at first only a man in the uniform of his father's soldiers, he shrieked forth an angry order, but at the second glance, which revealed the face of the newcomer, the madman leaped from the prostrate form of his victim and, apparently forgetful of the saber which he had dropped upon the floor beside the couch as he leaped to grapple with the girl, closed with bare hands upon his antagonist, his sharp-filed teeth searching for the other's throat.
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said 127 14 apppreciate appreciate 128 45 fuseluge fuselage 138 25 as the at the 142 34 girls' girl's 146 44 sourroundings, surroundings, 148 30 spirit on spirit of 149 33 upon upon.